※ This is an advanced, high-quality wireless sound transmission system that operates in the UHF band with 200 preferred transmission channels for communication and configuration via infrared. The system uses a large number of imported integrated circuit components and high-quality double-sided circuit board, stable and reliable work, long transmission distance, with the latest research and development of digital pilot technology, to avoid frequency interruption and crosstalk frequency to the maximum extent. Multilevel optimized audio processing scheme, so that it has the advantages of beautiful sound quality, low frequency sufficient, medium frequency outstanding, high frequency concentration. ※ This product is equipped with the industry's most advanced ARM processor and AD/DA chip with minimal delay and the best frequency response up to 30HZ~18KHZ. It can quickly scan the space spectrum of the use of the site with one click, and select the cleanest channel for you to use, so that you are away from interference and channeling. ※ This product is the best choice for stage performances, auditoriums, teaching occasions!

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