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The mixing console, also known as the mixing console, is an important equipment in modern audio production and broadcasting systems. The multichannel audio input signal is amplified, mixed, distributed, audio quality modified and sound effect processed, and finally output through the bus bar (Master). The mixer is suitable for various occasions, such as indoor performances, outdoor performances, recording studios, broadcasting stations, etc. It is an indispensable tool in the field of music production, stage amplification, radio broadcasting and so on.
  • Kind: Powered Mixer
  • Number of channels: 4-8 channels






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  • 1. Flexibility: The mixer allows users to fine-tune and control the audio signal according to their needs, including volume, balance, timbre, etc., to meet the audio processing of different scenes and needs.
    2. Powerful mixing function: The mixer can mix multiple audio signals to achieve a variety of complex audio effects, such as stereo, surround sound, etc., so that the audio sounds more three-dimensional and full.
    3. A variety of sound processing: the mixer has a variety of built-in sound processors, such as equalizers, compressors, reverberators, etc., which can add a variety of sound effects to the audio signal to make the audio more vivid and interesting.
    4. Intuitive operation interface: The mixer usually has an intuitive operation interface and easy-to-understand parameter Settings, so that users can easily get started and quickly master its use.

  • +48V phantom power supply
    It is equipped with plug-in and phantom power supplies, 4 mono and 2 stereo channels, 1 auxiliary transmit channel and 1 auxiliary return channel.

    3-segment equalizer on all channels (low cut on all single channels). V7 band stereo graphic equalizer with FBQ feedback detection.

    With 100 digital display effects, with 0-99 optional effects.

    USB port, crystal display

    A mute switch has been added to each channel with an indicator light

  • Size: GMX-8/2D: 30.1X33.7X10.7cm 



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